Marketing Tips for the Small Business Owner

t54With the frightening reality that the vast majority of small businesses are doomed to failure; it is critical when choosing a marketing strategy that it is one that is effective. While many marketing ploys are not overly expensive, some are and if you launch a dud campaign, it can be fatal to a small business.

Good Ideas

The good news is that many marketing strategies are the same ones that have worked for years, therefore there is a lot of information out there about what works and what doesn’t in regards to your specific business. If you’re a “bricks and mortar” business, most likely you’ll want to target customers in the local area. This can be done with mass-mailings, door-hangers, or coupons in a small local paper. It is critical to discover what works and what doesn’t, if the door-hangers bring in nothing, toss that idea in the garbage. Newsletters are a great idea to bring in new customers and to show present customers that you appreciate their business. The newsletters can contain cut-out coupons and even give friendly advice and interesting facts about things that have nothing to do with your business. What is important, is that your exhibiting an ongoing interest in your customers and potential customers. Another old-fashioned but sometimes very effective strategy is bartering. This helps keep costs down but still gets your message out there. Obviously the more companies you can collect in your bartering system the better.

More Advanced

Some of the more confident small businesses might elect to hold a seminar or open house. Make sure you get the word out and chances are a nice crowd will show up. With an open house or seminar you can really give your small business the exposure it deserves. Make sure you provide some food and drinks, or, if a seminar, charge a small fee. In the former case, you don’t want to appear cheap and in the latter case, people might have preconceived notions about a free seminar.

Make sure to stock up on xerox 016-1904-01, scissors, paper and other office supplies.

Kentucky Derby Holiday Betting Tips

k3With the Kentucky Derby 2011 just a couple of months away, ardent horse racing fans itching to place bets on their favorite horses. Their ambition is to beat the omniscient oddsmakers, or those people who make the decision as to which horses are probable winners and which horses are long shots. Kentucky Derby betting is conveniently available to any one wishing to place a bet on any one of the many sportsbook websites operating on the internet. If you are a first-time horse racing bettor, make sure that you are well aware of the what the odds are for the horse you plan to wager on. These odds are what decides how much you win (or lose, unfortunately). The most commonly bets placed by individuals, according to Wiki are called straight bets, Pick 3′s, combination bets and Pick 4′s.

Stay Focused on the Bet

In the beginning, a first-time visitor to a horse-racing track will be overwhelmed at all the exciting things to do and see. He or she may want to cram as much of the whole horse racing experience in a short time by playing as many races as possible. They may think this sort of actions would increase their chances of winning, but in actuality, it won’t. Stretching your focus and concentration too thin may only accomplish the opposite and end up sending you home with an empty wallet. Also, recognizing the name of a horse because it has won in the past does not guarantee that the horse will automatically win every race in which they participate. Experts suggest someone new to the horse betting arena go with the pick threes, fours and sometimes sixes whenever possible. This type of information can be found at

The Form

The Daily Racing Form is the bible for all horse racing betting fans. It contains information necessary to contribute to the success of betting on horses, but does not contain information that will guarantee a bettor he or she will pick a winner every time. What it does spell out are performance histories of horses running that day, jockey information and track conditions. Track conditions are seriously considered by bettors when placing bets. Experienced racing aficionados know what sort of track conditions will enhance the effectiveness of specific horses and bet accordingly.

By deliberating on all aspects of the race, you can make an informed and rational decision regarding Kentucky Derby betting this May.

Promotional Metal Pens

penIf a company gives away promotional metal pens in an advertising campaign, it shows that the company has spent extra money in promoting themselves. It also conveys the message that they intend on valuing their customer base by giving them something worth more than simple keychain or eraser. Metal pens are sophisticated looking, are available in gleaming colors, and sport gold or silver clips. Having a company logo engraved on the side of a promotional metal pen lends distinction and style to that company and even says something about the products they manufacture.

Varieties of Metal Pens

Promotional merchandise sites on the internet abound with a variety of pens a company can purchase in bulk size. At, companies searching for quality metal pens can find:

· Silicon Grip metal ball pens
· Basket Weave Metal ball pens
· Marble Metal ball pens
· Zodiac Metal ball pens
· Black Tweed ball pens

Some of them even come with replaceable ink cartridges and lacquer coated brass barrels that are long-lasting, which benefits the company giving them as promotional items. The longer the pen lasts, the more advertising the company receives! Consumers routinely lend pens to others who need one, or accidentally leave them behind where others will pick it up, check to see if it works and, of course, read the inscription on the side of it out of curiosity.

Affordable Metal Pens

Depending on the type of promotional metal pens a company chooses to purchase, prices can range from $2.50 to $5.00 for one pen. If a company is planning a small-scale advertising campaign, such as an established company might do when promoting a new product, going for the more expensive metal pen as an appropriate item to give to their customer base would be applicable. However, if a company is just starting out, purchasing metal pens which are slightly less expensive but still appear stylish and noteworthy may be the better decision with which to experiment with this kind of advertising campaign. Later, if using the promotional metal pens seemed to attract more customers (which research has shown to be a viable method of advertising) then performing another advertising blitz with more expensive metal pens would be a suitable business practice.

Metal pens last a long time and can be enduring reminders of your company and its product. Using them as promotional items would definitely benefit your company and expand its customer base.

Tips How to Bet on NFL Football

n2Betting on NFL football can be great fun, exciting and filled with challenges; however, it is important to know how to play. One of best ways to bet and be successful with NFL football is to be informed. Information is the key to success and that can be found from several football betting websites, is a good starting point.

Consistency Counts A Lot!

First, be consistent in the amount of money you bet. When betting on several football games, don’t focus on one game and let the others slide. When you are consistent in how much you wager, you cut down on future losses, especially if you become emotionally attached to certain games. Be sure to not go over your cap limit and stay consistent with your NFL betting. It has been found that those who bet on games with emotion are less successful than those who bet without emotion.

Read the Injury Reports

Then, be sure to read the injury reports. When you understand who is injured and how that injury affects the team, you will be betting wisely. Injuries that happen to key players can affect the output of the game. In addition, keep close tabs on bad teams. Most of the NFL games have a 3-4 point spread. That is why it is important to know about the quality of the teams because if you can determine which bad or mediocre team is good enough to cover the point spread against a talented team, then you will be a successful you’re your football betting.

Team Performance

In addition, don’t bet money based on how a team performed in the last season; in most cases it can lead to a negative outcome. And, be watchful of the hype that comes from 24/7 sports news. Often times a football story can be exaggerated out of proportion. In addition, check out wiki for more information on NFL betting.

Blue Mountain Tour – The Ultimate Way To See An Iconic Part Of Australia

80-44Australia has some of the most beautiful destinations in the world from Red Centre, Kakadu National Park to the Great Barrier Reef there are plenty of things to see and do that you will never be bored.

There is something for everyone in Australia. Many travelers from around the world come to Australia ever year to enjoy the beaches of Sydney and the elegance of Adelaide. For people who love hiking and nature there’s nothing better than the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.

Get To Know The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are an iconic part of Australia that will be known to fans of movies like Crocodile Dundee. Although they are not as high as a mountain range they are renowned for their awesome scenery and natural attractions like the Three Sisters rock formations. The best way to enjoy everything that the Blue Mountains have to offer is by taking a Blue Mountain Tour.

There are a wide variety of Blue Mountain Tour options available for you to choose from including: walking tours with guides who will teach you about the history and mystery of the Blue Mountains, hiking tours through remote areas and 4WD Safari Tours that will take you to locations off the beaten path where you can enjoy life changing experiences.

Great For Families

The Blue Mountains is a great place for families who are looking for a unique vacation getaway and the opportunity to make wonderful memories. One of the best Blue Mountain Tours is by taking a Wonderbus Tour. With a Wonderbus Tour you will have the ability to see more of the Blue Mountains like the Australian Wildlife Park, Aboriginal Culture and so much more. When you take a Wonderbus tour you should have your camera and camcorder ready because there will be plenty of things for you to see and remember for years to come.

What is a CISSP?

pmp-7A CISSP is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, which represents an independent information security certification operated by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or ISC. As of recently, there are over 65,000 member who have CISSP certification in over 130 countries. This certification is also formally recognized by the United States Department of Defense in Information Assurance Managerial and Technical categories. Individuals who desire to take the CISSP exam and become a certified information systems security professional must meet stringent requirements:
• Have a minimum of 5 years experience doing security work in more than two of the ten information security domains
• One year of this experience can be waived in exchange for having a four-year college degree or a Master’s in Information Security
• An individual who does not have 5 years experience can earn an Associate of ISC by passing the CISSP exam
• Accept the CISSP Code of Ethics


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is extensively recognized as a professional credential in the information security world. However, the test for acquiring a CISSP certification is extremely difficult and challenging. The person taking the exam definitely needs to have far-reaching knowledge of security and information systems. In fact, many tech professionals study numerous CISSP questions before actually taking the test. It also benefits the potential CISSP expert to take the PMP exam in order to have a certification in Project Management. Besides having expertise in CISSP, possessing a PMP indicates to employers that the prospective employee has knowledge of how to organize people in order to produce efficient results from groups without communication difficulties.

CISSP Credentials

This certificate is valid for three years. Then it must be renewed by taking the exam again. However, a person not wanting to re-take the exam can accumulate at least 120 Continuing Professional Education credits. Also, there is annual membership fee is $85 during the initial three-year certification. Obtaining a CISSP requires a lot of work but there are several good motives for someone wanting such a certification such as an opportunity to broaden your awareness of security practices and concepts or to get a job which is in demand in the growing field of information security.

Those who are really interested in IT security will enjoy pursuing a career as a CISSP. Just be prepared to learn and retain a large amount of knowledge in order to pass the exam.

How To Find The Right Bad Credit Car Loan

loan-7Are you interested in finding a bad credit car loan? This article will provide you with tips on what you should do first before applying for a bad credit car loan, how to know what the lenders are looking for and most important of all how to find the bad credit car loan that’s right for you.

What To Do First

Before you start searching for a bad credit car loan you should check out your credit to find out what the creditors are going to see. If you have unpaid bills that are lurking on your credit report it’s important to get those bills paid off because creditors will be less likely to give you a loan if they see a lot of unpaid bills that you never took the responsibility to pay.

If you see inaccurate items on your credit report you should dispute those items immediately because one inaccurate item can stop you from getting a bad credit car loan.

Last of all it’s always a good idea to write each creditor a letter explaining the charges on your credit report especially if there’s a story behind them. For example: You lost your job due to the recession, were in an accident and temporarily could not pay your bills or you couldn’t pay your bills due to divorce you should write a letter explaining what happened.

What Are The Lenders Looking For?

Before you apply for a bad credit car loan you should make sure that you have a full time job with a salary that can cover your car payment. Remember that because you’re getting a bad credit car loan you face a car payment that could be up to $400.00 per month or more so it’s important that you have the income to cover your car payment and also pay for car insurance too.

Once you’re ready to start searching for a bad credit car loan you should use your favorite search engine to start searching for bad credit card loans. There are literally hundreds of lenders online that you can choose from and best of all many lenders will give you a decision in real time so you can know if you qualify for a loan or not as early as today.

An Easy Way To Protect Your Computer

spy-17Are you concerned that your home or work computer is being used when you’re away? It’s not hard to notice the signs. You should invest in spy software for your computer.

Why Spy Software?

In this day and age just about everyone needs to have some form of spy software on their computer especially if that computer can be used by other people when you’re away from it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your office computer or home computer you should have software to protect it because anyone can use your computer and can get it infected with viruses or worse.

Do you think that you don’t need spy software because your computer is password protected? Passwords are easy to hack especially if you have children. Your children can easily figure out what your passwords are because they are constantly watching you when you’re not looking and once they figure out your password they will be using your computer when you’re away from your house.

How Does Spy Software Work?

With programs like SpyAgent Spy Software you will have the ability to track all action on your computer while you’re away like emails that are sent, internet browsing, downloads and so much more. Best of all you will be able to track activity on your computer remotely which is awesome and will enable you to have real time control of your computer even when you’re away from it.

Don’t think that you need spy software for your computer? Think again. Many parents have been fined heavily for their children’s illegal downloads over the last five years and this could have been prevented if they took more safeguards to protect their computers. Don’t let this happen to you. Save yourself time, money and potential heartache by purchasing a spy software program for your computer today.

Themes of Sonic the Hedgehog

games1When a video has game has had as long a shelf life as Sonic the Hedgehog, the very theme of the game becomes fodder for discussion, from Internet message boards to psychology classrooms. After all, much thought and effort went into the production of the game, and it has held its appeal for two decades. As is the case with literature, film or any other entertainment medium, there is ample room for wide chasms of disagreement.

Differences of Opinion

Some will argue – literally – that the theme of Sonic the Hedgehog is simple and neat with a ribbon on it: Good vs. evil. Others see in the panorama of games a pattern indicating a Nature vs. Technology dynamic. Another point of view holds that the Sonic series is consistently about friendship and teamwork, with characters joining forces to defeat Dr. Robotnik – also known as Eggman – at the conclusion of each game (although, episodically, Eggman has been known to team up with Sonic).

Sonic: Letting Freedom Ring?

For their part, Sonic’s creators wanted to imbue with him certain qualities, but above all else he stood up against oppression and worked in the name of freedom – not freedom in the American Revolutionary sense, but in the mold of Henry David Thoreau. In his world, Sonic is free to live his life in the manner of his choosing. He also has a great deal of determination on his side; Sonic’s very personality seems to change once he gets going. In Sonic the Hedgehog, hard work pays off.

It may not be as deep a discussion as that which is inspired by the classics, but it is worth noting that whichever theme one subscribes to – altruism, brotherhood, environmentalism or liberty – it remains a good message for the children who are the most likely candidates to play Sonic the Hedgehog. Compared to some of the recent offerings from the video game industry, Sonic games are about as wholesome as you’re going to find.

Tobacco Comes In All Flavors- Tatiana Cigars

cig6One of the things that has helped expand the cigar market in America and around the world is the extended production of flavored tobacco. Obviously, someone who buys a Montecristo is going strictly for the bold flavor of Cuban tobacco (and hints of Caribbean spices), but other cigar-lovers want their tobacco to taste like, well, something else. This market demand has slopped over into the troughs of the cigar companies’ competitors, with hookahs lounges becoming lucrative business ventures in the last few years.

Premium Flavored Cigars

Tatiana is a company that offers cigars made of premium Dominican tobacco for the filler and binder, with an exotic Indonesian wrapper. Unlike other fine cigars, Tatiana is more than willing to add flavors to their tobacco; in fact, they’ve built their business on it. They have a plethora from which to choose, with varieties that swing from coffee (Mocha y Java) to dessert (chocolate, cherry and vanilla) to after-dinner drinks (rum, cognac, malt whiskey). At three to five dollars a Tatiana cigars, they are an indulgence just about anyone can afford.

Quick Hitters

Flavor doesn’t have to come at a high price, though. For those who just want to get in a quick, flavorful smoke, there are small filtered numbers like Cheyenne Cigars. It may be a matter of taste, but many people find them to be just what they need for their “cigar breaks”. They come in a wide assortment of flavors, and can be purchased just about anywhere. They are packaged and sold in much the same manner as cigarettes.

Many people still believe that the cleanest, coolest flavored tobacco can be had at the hookah bars, as hookahs use water to cool and filter the smoke. Hundreds of flavors of tobacco are available at some of the more upscale lounges. People also enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase and consumer their tobacco in the same comfortable environment. And, as with restaurant dining, someone else gets to clean up the mess.

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